Saharnaz Hoshivar
Saharnaz HoshivarArtist
I born in August 1979 in Tehran. I grew up in a small, culturally family.
I was very interested in handicrafts from childhood, and my special and permanent hobbies were playing do .
In school the art class was my favorite one and I was a smart class student. I was supervisor of left-handed group for a calligraphy lesson because just I had good handwriting among them and my art teacher, like many others, confused with the left-handed ones!
I interested in calligraphy so much , and in addition to teacher assignments, I worked in a separate note of poetry and elders' sentences.
‏ My father was a teacher. when he saw my interest in calligraphy took me to a few meetings with his school's regulator who was a skillful calligrapher. I remember seeing all the different fine-grained brushes and colored inks all at once.
I became interested in knitting in middle school. outside of class, our elder neighbor taught me advanced techniques and I showed off in class.
In high school, my focus was on sketching. Summing up my daily goal was to do my homework in the shortest possible time and get to work on my favorite , and of course, reading Jules Verne's novels.
Because of my good grades, I was denied access to the school of art! In the common of that time it was a pity that anyone who could study mathematics go to a art school. That's how I got my math diploma. after finishing high school, I took an entrance exam for university. I was accepted to the banking management major of the Azad University of Tehran.
I graduated with a grade point average of 17.20 in July 2001. I participated in Tejarat Bank recruitment test and passed that on the same year. So I was hired at there. After a nine-month internship at the branch, I spent the rest of my working years in financial management. I studied master of banking at Iran banking institute and graduated with a grade point average of 18.20 in 2009.
All those years on the one hand, I liked my job and spent a lot of time and energy on it, and on the other hand, with the onset of the new season of working life style , I felt more the artistic vacuum. In order to avoid being frozen in my employment life style , I would sketched , paint and play with dough and study.
‏ From about ten years ago, I became interested in studying the history of art and philosophy and began attending a different fine art and crafts classes on weekends.
After all, learning academically what I had been doing experimentally for many years, was so fun.
Over the years, work came to the point where the weight of artistic activity in my life became so heavy that it required all my time and energy.
‏So I left the bank in 2016 to back to my old love.
During these years I went through various courses in the presence of respected professors. I have participated in several exhibitions.
Eventually I realized my deep interest in wood and for the last few years I have been focusing on wood arts including wood turning, carving and more.
I spend the rest of my time with my family, my cats, studying, yoga, going to the cafe and nature.